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 Coyle Thompson Jones offers services in the following areas:

Commercial interior design
Designing of all aspects of the non-residential interior environment including business offices, stores, medical installations, restaurants, labs, industrial production areas, warehouses and assembly facilities

Corporate office design
Determining the visual look, impact and flow of a commercial space that enhances the proposed use of that facility

Construction documents
Fabricating a set of drawings that spell out how to construct a new or second generation space including wall construction, demolition, electrical/utility locations, lighting specification/ placement, finish selections, and cabinetry design

Permit drawings
Producing a set of drawings that meets local codes in order to receive a building permit for interior construction

Space planning
Creating a spatial layout based on a client’s requirements of rooms, relationships
and specific physical requirements, usually for real estate brokers, developers or building owners

Green design
Specifying products and a design that save energy and that is environmentally friendly in addition to maintaining good indoor air quality

Preliminary pricing drawings
Taking a preliminary space plan and developing a more detailed drawing to submit for pricing to contractors

As-built drawings
Making a scale drawing of a existing space showing walls, doors, cabinetry, plumbing with optional electrical, lighting or utility locations

Vacancy Plan
Same as an as-built drawing but used to assist real estate brokers or building owners in leasing the suite

Medical facility design
Conceptualizing and documenting a wide array of doctor and physical therapy offices

Retail design
Conceiving mercantile sales centers or shops for products, services and entertainment

Manufacturing facility design
Laying out an efficient, productive space for the fabrication or construction of a product

Laboratory design
Technical lab space specialized for the high tech, biomedical and food industries

Public space design
Creating lobby or common environments with seating, furniture, lighting, artwork and signage

Furniture specification
Selecting and specifying case goods, seating and open office systems

Furniture purchasing
Quoting, purchasing and installing all types of office furniture including ergonomic task and lounge seating

Finish specification
Selecting wall finishes, hard surface flooring materials, carpet, base, woods and laminates whose usage compliment each particular type of environment

Finish purchasing
Pricing, ordering and installation of wallcovering, ceramic tile, wood and cork flooring in addition fabrics, blinds, hardware and drapery

Project management
Coordinating the construction of the space in addition to handling the installation of the furniture and all aspects of the company/employee move

Construction management
Supervising the contractor and construction of the space from pricing through satisfactory completion of all punch list items within a specified time frame

Art procurement
Visualizing, selecting and procuring prints, paintings, and sculpture for all types of public and private spaces

Lighting design
Determining ceiling style while designing an exciting lighting scheme with fixture specifications


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